September 17, 2010

Newspaper readership has found a new home on the net and as a consequence, more papers are focusing their efforts on making the move from paper to multimedia.

Taking example from this national online migration, many school publications have started to transition as well, forming their own blogs; however, many of those starting out are conflicted with using the blogging sites such as WordPress, Blogger, and Xanga to their full potential. Having only known the basics of posting articles, it is usually hard to make multimedia more interesting and user friendly. 

For those of you facing the same problem, Slide, easily helps incorporate costumizable shows to WordPress, Blogspot and xanga blogs. You can use it to cover sports, plays and other events through pictures with text or alone. The process of creating those like the one above is just as easy if not identical to uploading pictures on Facebook. Not only is this perfect and understandable for high school staffers but also great for those on the go who can get the story after minutes of picture viewing.