Focusing in: Denis Reggie & Wedding Photojournalists

August 13, 2010

Many people say ‘I Do’ to Denis Reggie. When considering a wedding photographer, who better to ask than the founder of wedding photojournalism himself? 

Reggie’s photography career kick started in high school when an injury prevented him from playing on the football team. Consequently, he took up sports photography to maintain a relationship with his teammates . From there he developed an appreciation of spontaneous candids which he later found to be lacking in the wedding photography industry. Unable to take the, Say Cheese’s and Look Here’s, at an ex-grilriend’s wedding, he decided to apply his sideline knowledge to develop a new medium: wedding photojournalism.

 As a former photographer teacher described to me, the difference between the normal wedding photographers and the wedding photojournalists is that the photojournalist let’s the event fall at its own seams. They let things happen. Whereas traditional wedding photographers adusts peoples’ placements, posing group shots and the cut of a cake, wedding photojournalists place themselves in the chaos of what is going on, allowing the camera to document and observe the events of the day.

As a relatively new branch in the photography industry, wedding photojournalism has has opened new creative oulets for photographers to explore and in turn, has changed their approach to other related facets of th industry including engagement photography and family portraiture. Clearly, this nondominant approach of allowing the subject to be candid – honest and true to life – is not only important to journalism but to the mode of photography itself.

I highly recommend these outsanding wedding photographers for your viewing and learning pleasure:

Alison Yin

photo credit to Alison Yin

 Sergio Mottola

photo credit to Sergio Mottola

 Amelia Lyon

photo credit to Amelia Lyon


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