The Photographer’s Checklist

August 5, 2010

The Triangle of Exposure: With computers, its the blue screen of death and with cameras, its the purely black or purely white screen of death. What’s the medicine to this madness? Triple checking your elements of exposure of course. Accordingly, figure out what ISO, aperature and shutter speed will work best for your situation. 

Picture Quality: Usually, setting your camera to RAW rather than JPEG will yield the best results. Not only does this setting produce a higher quality image but also enables you to be more creative during post processing without being too destrimental.

Lens: To avoid blurry pictures, make it a habit to clean your lens before a shoot and most importantly, check if the autofocus is on.

White Balance: Although it is easy to set the white balance to auto, to be more creative then reveal the Goldilocks in you. Do you want the picture to seem more cold, warm or just right? Also, have a meter handy because your camera’s lcd screen can lie. 

Remaining Shots: Especially if you’re shooting on RAW, have extra memory cards handy. Sure, if you’re in a desperate situation you can change the quality setting to JPeG;however, the best remedy to this problem without compromising picture quality, is uploading all your pictures immediatly after every shoot.

Battery Power: Check your battery power beforehand and always bring extras. You’ll never know when your battery will start to die. Also, note that your flash drains the battery so use it sparingly. 


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