Creating a Multimedia Story Pt3.

August 4, 2010

Editting & Piecing the Story Together.

Now, let’s fast forward: you’ve interviewed, shot footage and photographed your subject matter. You are ready to create!

 Review what you have collected and edit accordingly.

  • As with news stories and Youtube clips, videos should be short, varied and concise (around 1-3 minutes). NewsU recommends to ,whenever possible, switch to “B-roll” mode which covers the subject and his/her environment when you haven’t interviewed them. What Does Justice Meanto You? doesn’t use B-roll. See the difference?
  • Choose your photographs. You may want to combine them into a slideshow and create other interactive features using Adobe Flash; however, most importantly, to maintain photojournalistic integrity of your subject, you should always avoid using Photoshop.
  • Text should be used sparingly and only when necessary (headlines, complex explanations, etc.). Think as if your advertising your story to the world. In magazines, people go straight to the pictures not the type. They like things quick, concise and simple. Thus, it is better to implement your other media and use text as your last resort.
  • Audio (see  the Audio-Visual series)

If you’re creating stories for online, create templates for your stories with ease of use in mind. There isn’t anything more aggravating than a webpage that is impossible to navigate or has font impossible to read. Also, you’ll want to vary up your design and widgets on ech page. Mix it up with a little video here and a slide show there, but don’t go overboard.


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