Creating a Multimedia Story Pt 1.

August 4, 2010

Research Early. Become familiar with the information that is already out there. Don’t waste your time extracting information from an interview that you could get online or from a pamphlet. Instead, research ahead of time. Look online at old articles, interviews, video and pictures. Conduct preliminary interviews from your subject or people associated with him or her. This will help to provide topics to ellaborate on later on.  

The information you extract will not only help to provide possible story ideas but also help you create a storyboard. A story board organizes the story in a way that helps to identify the story’s focus, the media involved in each aspect of the story and the resources you will need (people, microphones, videocamera, etc.).

When developing your storyboard:

First, as they say at NewsU and Knight Digital Media Center , “divide the story into its logical, nonlinear parts”. This involves brainstorming and piecing together the pros and cons, character profiles, main events, the lead, and background for different angles and perspectives to approach the story from.

Secondly, assign types of media that works best with each part.

  • Video: Conveys a visual of the action going on, allowing the audience to hear and see the central subject at a central place in the story. 
  • Graphics: Help to quickly and candidly instill a strong emotion within the audience. Paired with audio, they can also help to place the audience within the story, putting them in the subjects shoes. 
  • Audio: Creates ambience and concrete voice to the piece.
  • Text: Explains details within the complex story that other media cannot. This includes the background information, different processes, and convoluted ideas that are hard to explain. 

Third, with the information organized, you will be able to sketch out how to display your information on paper, online, etc.


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