Using Photography to Make a Point

July 18, 2010

       With other mediums, it takes time to make a point and illustrate the overall picture; however, one of the advantages of a photo is its ability to convey a point at first glance, the first moment of impact. Although a single photo can do the trick, you can also use multiple photos to emphasize a point or extreme.

          For instance, the New York Times recently integrated panoramas into their reportage on the inaugural ceremony and the parade. Their 360 coverage allowed them to be more creative with what they covered and also changed up their visual appeal, keeping their readers interested. Fortunately, this idea isn’t just constricted to the professionals but also amateur student journalists. For your school news coverage, you can use panoramas to illustrate the school spirit of a state championship or the chaos of a performance’s backstage preparation.  Creating your own panoramas doesn’t have to be costly. Check out Hugin & Microsoft’s Image Composite Editor (both for free). For those of you who are photoshop gurus, the software already has a photomerge tool.

       Although they are known to be utilized in music videos such as “Her Morning Elegance”, stop motion videos have also become a growing medium for people to record observations of large impact changes overtime. Use these to cover seats filling up at a musical performance or students going to and from classrooms.

Your news doesn’t have to be reported in the mundane black and white. Have fun and be creative with the photos and other resources you have.


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