One Shot: Know Your Camera

July 9, 2010

  •  Portrait: the aperature is as large as possible (small f stop) to create a shallow depth of field (blurry background).
  • Landscape: the aperature is as small as possible for a large depth of field
  • Sports: the shutter speed is set high in order to “stop the action”
  • Night: for the maximum amount of light to be capture, the shutter speed is cranked to low
  • All Program (P): changes shutter speed and aperature on its own
  • Time Value/Shutter Priority (TV): while you are able to control shutter speed, tv decides your aperature for you
  • Aperature Priority (AP): while you are able to decide aperature, it decides shutter speed
  • Manual(M): let’s you decide aperature, shutter speed, and ISO; allowing you to have the maximum amount of creativity

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