Audio Visual

July 4, 2010

Words are complemented with pictures and sound but what happens when the two, together, stand alone? The creation is a photoessay. 

  • Interviews make up the informational basis for an audio story and of course, a perspective to view the story through.
  • In relation to pictures, the ambiance of an audio story provides a tonal backdrop. It is the sound that you usually hear playing over and over behind an interview or between scenes. Sometimes ambiance comes in the form of supplemental music; however, when used, music should have a purpose. In any case, you should also avoid loops to avoid monotony and allowing for some variation now and then.
  • Natural sounds are the sound effects which makes the story really come alive. Not only does it create a sense of character but also a sense of familiarity for your audience.
  • Voice overs guide the story through narration, filling in the missing details and creating smooth transitions between interviews. Using voice overs allows you to analyze and take control of where your story can go.

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