SLRs: The Take Over

July 2, 2010

Soon, the world will come to know what it means to be EVIL – that is, an  electronic viewfinder interchangeable lens. This camera species is basically a hybrid between SLRs and point and shoots. With an interchangeable lens, they have the SlR’s advanced ability to control aperature and focus. Paired the point and shoot’s light weight, sleek size and ease of use, the camera allows people to easily take great pictures on the go without the obvious attention of a typical SLR.

Although they are still too expensive for mass consumer use, regardless, the development of this new technology further illustrates the SLR take over.  Many facebook users have already realized the numerous benefits of SLR picture quality – better resolution, high quality color & power over controls such as contrast and aperature – which has resulted towards increased experimentation with time lapse and light painting photography. In turn, the transition to being EVIL, having the benefits of both SLR and point and shoot photography, may revolutionize the way youth express themselves in the future and result towards a more creative society.


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